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8 Hour Challenge

Book a Tattooist for 8 hours straight and pay ONLY $600 & claim your own 8HC t-shirt (only available to successful challengers)!
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Semicolon Tattoos by Jessica

People all over the world are getting semicolon tattoos ( ; ) to draw attention to mental illness. The semicolon symbolises mental illness such as depression, anxiety and suicide. In literature, an author will use a full stop ( . ) to end a ...
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From the Blog

Buyer beware. Shonky operators in the Tattoo industry!

Posted by Rogue Ink Tattoo Studio May. 24th, 2016, 05:32 AM

Make sure you know the capabilities of your artist.

I was planning a different topic for this blog but in light of recent events I decided this is more relevant.

In Australia Tattoo Studios are required to be registered with the Health Department. But anyone can get an Infection Control Certificate and then legally claim to be a Tattoo Artist. This is beginning to change in some states of Australia, who now require tattooists to be registered.

Infection Control – I’ll begin with this because it leads in to what I want to say.

Studios are required to comply with a number of regulations including having floors which can be bleached and walls which can be scrubbed.

Colouring in. Some tips to vary your work.

Posted by Rogue Ink Tattoo Studio May. 24th, 2016, 05:32 AM

Our ancestors worked in small home based businesses. Bakers, spinners, weavers, dressmakers, cabinetmakers, potters and knitters… much of which was lost in the Industrial Revolution. Sound familiar? We are going through a similar thing today with the internet putting people out of business. But in a strangely ironic twist, people are also now handcrafting items and selling them online. A good example of turnabout comes about!

We have inherited a need to use our hands to create. The fact that many of us don’t, I think, contributes to society mental illness such as depression and anxiety. My mother taught me to knit at the age of four. I used it while raising my children and it probably was the only means of therapy for me. The gentle and rhythmic clicking of the needles produced a feeling similar to meditation.

Choosing a tattoo. For heaven’s sake think about it.

Posted by Rogue Blogger May. 7th, 2016, 12:18 AM

Let’s face it. We have all heard the story, maybe even done it ourselves.  Getting drunk or emotional over something and getting a tattoo on impulse.  Or maybe you’ve got a current obsession with something or someone and had it tattooed on your arse.  Even worse!  It’s on your chest or arm!

It takes only a couple of weeks or even days before you decide it was probably a bad decision and you are seriously kicking yourself.  A tattoo lasts for a long time.  A tattoo can look amazing but it should be something which means something to you.  Here’s a few things for you to think about.