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8 Hour Challenge

8 Hour Challenge Info

Book a Tattooist for 8 hours straight and pay ONLY $600 & claim your own 8HC t-shirt (only available to successful challengers)!

This offer is suitable to people with a high pain tolerance and who have a big tattoo to get done


    1. This is for a straight 8 hour session and cannot be divided into different days.
    2. Candidates who need to leave part way through will be charged at the hourly rate for time spent.
    3. This session must be performed on the same body part and cannot be divided into different areas of the body.
    4. Numbing products supplied by the customer may be used by the customer.
    5. A deposit of $150 must be paid to confirm this booking.
    6. Breaks are included for the artist and for the challenger. The more breaks you take the more painful the procedure can become.
    7. This service may not be shared by more than one customer.
    8. The 8 hours includes stenciling, preparation and rest breaks.
    9. Refunds are not available for customers who cannot manage the pain or need to leave before the 8 hours is complete. Makeup bookings without extra charges are also not available for customers who cannot manage the pain or need to leave before the 8 hours is complete.
    10. General Terms & Conditions on booking refunds apply. Refunds are only available to people who cancel with at least 48 hours notice.

Book Challenge

Book 8 Hour Challenge ($600 flat rate)

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Please remember:

We cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, under 18 years of age, or receiving cancer treatments.

You must pay a $100 deposit to secure this session. Deposits are non refundable if cancelled without 48 hours notice.


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Required Deposit Terms

By booking in for this tattoo, you are acknowledging that you are required to pay $150 as a deposit. This deposit goes toward the $600 for the challenge, and you will be required to pay the remaining $450 on the day.

This deposit is not refundable if you don't turn up or if you cancel or try to reschedule without providing the artist with 48 hours notice. If you wish to reschedule within 48 hours of your booking, you are required to pay another deposit of $150.

Service Terms

By booking in for this tattoo, you are agreeing that 8 hours includes setup, designing, stencilling and break times. If you would like to have a design made by your artist before your booking, you can pay your artist a $100 design fee. Pre-designs can save you both time and allow for more tattooing.

I accept both:

Hall of Fame

All successful 8 Hour Challenge candidates are listed on our Hall of Fame.

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