Rogue Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio
Studio: 2 Eames Avenue, Brooklyn VIC 3012
Phone: 0409 655 787
Appointment Only Studio 

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About Us

Your body is a canvas - let us help you to decorate it, safely!

Rogue Ink operate from a licensed tattoo studio in Brooklyn. The studio is regulated by the state Health Department; ensuring that items being used are sterilised and disposed of properly.

This reduces the risk of diseases and infections being transmitted - making it safe for you to get your tattoo. Our staff also also well experienced in first aid and psychology.

This helps people who are nervous about getting a tattoo.

Our tattooists are all experienced artists with high quality work.

We have male and female artists available.

Backyard and travelling tattooing is illegal and unsafe. We are neither of these.

With Rogue Ink, you are in safe hands!

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Australian Business Number: 73 834 977 324.