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Choosing a tattoo. For heaven’s sake think about it.

in Blog
on May 07, 2016
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Let’s face it. We have all heard the story, maybe even done it ourselves.  Getting drunk or emotional over something and getting a tattoo on impulse.  Or maybe you’ve got a current obsession with something or someone and had it tattooed on your arse.  Even worse!  It’s on your chest or arm!

It takes only a couple of weeks or even days before you decide it was probably a bad decision and you are seriously kicking yourself.  A tattoo lasts for a long time.  A tattoo can look amazing but it should be something which means something to you.  Here’s a few things for you to think about.

Tip no. 1  Don’t mindlessly follow trends.

Some trends are good.  The semi colon and depression, for example. They mean something. But one of the latest trends is to cover sections of the body in black ink.  That’s it.  No pretty colours, pictures or words.  Just… acres … of black ink.  It is dramatic for sure but will you be wanting it in 5 years time?  Make sure you do because it will be almost impossible to remove.

Tip no. 2 Don’t get an emotional tattoo - wait

A family member has died.  Be it your father, mother, sibling or pet, the emotional smack in the face and heart is likely to be severe.  You want them tattooed on your body.

That is entirely fair enough.  But you are using the tattoo as part of the grieving process and at the end of the grieving process you might be more settled and want something different.  It is very wise to wait six months or a year.  You might decide you would rather wear a locket or something.  Or the nature of the tattoo might change. You might prefer to have something symbolic rather than a face.   There is no harm in waiting.  You can still get that portrait in 12 months time.

Likewise, don’t get a tattoo in anger!  You might be pissed off at the neighbours but you are going to feel a real idiot when they move out next month.  Those huge angry words on your back  are going to be irrelevant.  It rather defeats the purpose. 

Tip no. 3 Make it something that counts

You want a tattoo.  You feel that your upper arm might benefit from some colour.  Ok.  Choose a design that means something to you or “speaks” to you.  Don’t just pick anything.  Think about who you are.  That way your tattoo will truly be a reflection of you or of something you want to symbolise.

Also, some people want a tattoo exactly the same as their friend. There is nothing wrong with this but you might think differently in a month or two.  Something to consider.

Tip no. 4 Do it for yourself 

If you are a member of a gang which requires a particular tattoo and you are committed to that gang, then fine.  That’s your choice.  But if you are doing it to just impress your friends or get some sort of street cred then you should think twice.  In the end you will be dissatisfied with your tattoo and yourself.

And the same thing… don’t do it for laughs.  The joke will wear off in a week or so and you will be stuck with a tatt you don’t want.

Tip no. 5 Do some research

You might have something in mind but a bit of research will extend the possibilities.  There are plenty of ideas on the internet.  You might like a bit of one and a bit of the other. Bring them to us and we can make you up a new design based on what you like.  Don’t settle for second best.

Tip no. 6 Partnership tattoos are really iffy

You might think you are in a committed relationship and you might very well be right.  But about that big tattoo of her over your heart… are you really certain you want that there?  If you break up that is seriously going to interfere with your next relationship.

Don’t want to sound sour here but a high percentage of cover ups are caused by broken relationships.  These types of tattoos can be very beautiful but be certain before having your spouse’s name tattooed on you.  Talk to your tattooist, you can choose some very pretty symbolic pieces which will do the same thing.


Of course, with few exceptions (on eyeballs etc) we will tattoo any design you want without judgement.  It’s your body.

So why am I saying all this?  It might seem like I’m trying to discourage people.  That’s not the case at all.

People who are unhappy with their tattoos don’t make good customers.  They complain to others, it gets on social media. It is generally not good for the tattoo studio involved, even if it has done nothing wrong.

Studios have no legal obligation to question a patron on the choice and reason for their tattoo, provided that patron is over age.   But it is better for us if you are happy with your tattoos. It is also better for you. 

So: Give yourself time. Think about it. Don’t be pressured.

Next blog will be on tattooing and self harm.