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18 years or over. Even if your parents provide permission, we cannot legally tattoo you until you are at the legal age.

Yes. We are a licensed tattoo studio.

This means that our studio has been approved and registered with the state health department.

It also means that the studio is clean and hygienic and complies with all infection control standards under Australian law.

Customers who employ licensed studios for their tattoos rather than illegal backyard tattooists are protecting their own health with disease prevention.

Ensure that the customer is 18 years of age or older prior to tattooing.

Ensure that the customer's privacy, safety and health are maintained as much as possible during the procedure.

Ensure that the customer has completed a consent form.

Refuse to tattoo if the customer is pregnant, breastfeeding, or is receiving chemotherapy treatments.

Complies with Australian Infection Control and hygiene standards (e.g. uses single disposable tattoo needles).

Stop tattooing whenever told to by the customer.

Stop tattooing whenever a customer shows signs of a first aid emergency.

Ensures that first aid is provided to the customer whenever necessary.

Provide tattoo after care instructions to the customer.

Ensure that a new tattoo is covered at session end.

Provide proof of identity and proof of age to the tattooist prior to the session.

Disclose any medical problems to the tattooist prior to the session.

Ensure they are not under the influence of a drug or alcohol.

Ensure they have not consumed blood thinner medications within 24 hours prior.

Refuse to be tattooed if the customer is pregnant, breastfeeding, or is receiving chemotherapy treatments.

Ensure food and drink is consumed within 4 hours prior to the tattoo session.

During the tattoo healing process, follow all after care instructions properly (including using an after care cream).

No. Smoking is strictly forbidden around a fresh tattoo and forbidden inside the studio. This is Australian law as it helps to prevent infections and cross contamination.

The Australian government does not have an apprenticeship program in tattooing. At this point in time, it is up to a studio to take you on and train you with the information that they think you should know. This does create a problem if they are not teaching you the things that they should but is as close to a tattoo apprenticeship you can get at this point in time in Australia.

People who are not managing to obtain training from a studio tend to undergo online tattoo courses and attempt to teach themselves. Please note that tattooing any person from your home or any venue that is not licensed is against the law and you may be faced with criminal charges and fines.

Rogue Ink does offer 'apprenticeship' positions from time to time in our licensed studio. Please watch our Employment link for job listings.

Information about managing and caring for a new tattoo can be read in: Health.