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Semicolon Tattoos by Jessica

People all over the world are getting semicolon tattoos ( ; ) to draw attention to mental illness.

The semicolon symbolises mental illness such as depression, anxiety and suicide.

In literature, an author will use a full stop ( . ) to end a sentence. But they will use a semicolon ( ; ) to pause a sentence.

sufferers of mental illness and their loved ones who are getting this tattoo are choosing to pause their life (their sentence) with a semicolon instead of ending it, and use the notion that their story is not yet over.

In some areas of the world there is still a stigma that if you suffer a mental illness, then you must be crazy and unlike other people. With more people wearing this tattoo, then the more people will realise that they are not alone and that there are so many people amongst them with similar illnesses.

Our tattoo artist, Jessica Gronow, is no stranger to mental illness herself and in support of this movement, Jessica offers free basic semicolon tattoos to members of the public. Designs that are a more creative come with a small fee.

You can read the local paper's story on Jessica here: 

You can see Jessicas's semicolon tattoo folio here:

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