Rogue Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio
Studio: 2 Eames Avenue, Brooklyn VIC 3012
Phone: 0409 655 787
Appointment Only Studio 

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Studio Policies

The team at Rogue Ink are very friendly and welcoming towards each and every customer.

These are the policies in which we work under:

No Discrimination

We do not discriminate against any person or their background.


Appointments are confirmed with a deposit.

No Refunds on late cancellations

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are not eligible for a deposit refund.

Tattoo Touch-up Sessions

Customers wanting a new tattoo to be touched up must wait until it is healed.

Customers are eligible for one free touch up per tattoo. A touch up on a tattoo not created by our studio is not free.

No smoking in studio

Rogue Ink does not allow smoking inside the studio or in our yard. Smoking must take place at least 2 metres from our front entry.

No drugs or alcohol in studio

Under no circumstances are drugs and alcohol allowed on the premises of Rogue Ink. Customers under the influence cannot be tattooed.

No animals in studio

No animals (including dogs) are allowed on the premises. Animals are against the health regulations for tattoo studios.

Refusal to tattoo

Under NO circumstances Rogue Ink staff must not tattoo any person with the following condition or situation:

  • People under 18 years of age (tattooing below the legal age is an offence)
  • Breastfeeding or pregnant women (health risks apply) People undergoing chemotherapy treatments (health risks apply)
  • People with an obvious altered state of consciousness (altered states void consent forms)
  • People who have obviously consumed alcohol or illicit drugs within 24 hours of the session (health risks, ink loss and a void in the consent process apply)

Customer Complaints

Staff members who receive negative feedback (not including abuse) from customers must remain civil and thank the customer accordingly. Complaints should be directed to management.

Zero tolerance

Rogue Ink do not tolerate aggressive, abusive, threatening, intimidating or offensive comments or behaviour toward staff and other people on the premises. Any person conducting themselves in such a way are:

  • Being recorded by studio survellence
  • Will be immediately ordered to leave the premises
  • May face charges and legal proceedings