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Justin Payne

2017-09-24, 18:41

Jess was super welcoming, accommodating and friendly and did an amazing job of my tattoo.

Kim Hogarth

2017-08-31, 12:38

Jessica is amazing , my tattoo was quick easy & well no tattoo is painless But it looks so good and I'm extremely happy

Shannon Hope Watkins

2017-08-12, 12:24

Myself and one other family member had our semicolon tattoos done today by Jess. She was absolutely amazing, so welcoming and calm. Could say I deffs go back to Rouge Ink to get more done in the future

Danette Hatty

2017-07-01, 20:40

Thanks Jess! An amazing job for my memorial tattoo of dad. Jess was more than happy to work with me on the ideas I had and bought my tattoo together better than I could ever have imagined. I can highly recommend Rouge Ink and will definitely be back for more.

Kimberly Reynolds

2017-06-01, 19:39

An amazing atmosphere tattooist are amazing very welcoming. Music was crap lol haha jess. Finishing off my body at this studio and couldn't be happier

Henry Peach

2017-04-03, 21:48

Very professional. very chill. Thank you Calvin. Looking forward to my next one from you. :)

Karly Rose Watkins

2017-03-15, 20:32

Jess is great at what she does. Friendly and accommodating, felt so comfortable in the shop. Love my semicolon tattoo, it's beautiful. And you're a beautiful person for doing it! Thanks so much!

Jesse James Parrish

2017-02-12, 10:52

Great vibes and great tattoos for a decent pric, going to be my first choice for my tattoos

John Power

2017-01-01, 10:00

Jess was awesome at her job. A true perfectionist. Made you feel comfortable and was easy to chat withdrawal and loves 80s and 90s music. I would recommend her to anyone else thinking about getting a tattoo done. Was worth the travel from the other side of town.

Kylie Gardiner

2016-12-04, 18:02

Finally got to meet jess today to get my semi colon along with abit more extra work, so happy with my latest tattoo and can't wait to go back in for my next one, jess ur a darling xxx

Taylor Jayne Blencowe

2016-11-30, 06:50

Really happy with the way my tattoo worked out. Jessica is really freirndly and caring :) would definetly go back.

Kylie 'Fevie' Symons

2016-10-09, 16:10

Had a tattoo done by Jess today! I am so happy with the end result and so thankful that she was able to fit me in! Bless you Jess I am in love with it!! Highly recommended!

Jessie Stuart

2016-09-13, 20:56

Today I had the pleasure of being tattooed by Jess, she is a lovely woman and a fantastic artist!

Rebecca Tracy Sinclair

2016-09-10, 14:31

Great work very pleased with the professionalism dedication put into the start of my sleeve, great personality, fantastic clean and efficient work cannot wait to see you in two weeks time!! (Kai)

Shelley Stafrace

2016-08-28, 19:32

Just want to thank Jess for my AMAZING Tattoos today. Not only a talented artist but someone with an amazing heart and soul. Highly recommend heading to Rogue Ink for your next tattoo.

Mark O'Connell

2016-08-07, 16:57

Got a tattoo from jess , Talented kind down to earth and funny can't go wrong one of the best tattoosist tattooing today! Book your appointments now people won't be disappointed :)

Gary Lewis

2016-07-08, 13:08

Got top of hand done last..pleasure to meet a tattooist (Rhys) finally that does good wirk fare priced ..not up him self or full of shit.. happy customer mate and I will return..

Brandon Domotor

2016-06-25, 20:32

Had the pleasure of rhys doing my sleeve . It was my first tattoo. He was really good through out it alll. An made my experience grate . And his.tattooing skill awsome . Very happy with the finished product. So.if you want a tattoo go see rhy or any of their tattooist . They are alll good :)

Ben Capps

2016-05-06, 16:53

Love dealing with Rhys easy to talk to and get along with easy to work with has great ideas and designs which come up looking the mint

Wendy Hawkins

2016-04-15, 04:57

Awesum tattoo first one for me and I could not have asked for a better person to ink me.Thank you Jess. Tattoo doing great all healed no loss of colour.

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