Want some new ink but can’t seem to save the money to afford one? No worries… Rogue Ink offer a Tattoo Layby service.

You can pay as little as you want as repayments, whenever you want, without an expiry date to your Layby!

The only thing you need to do when applying for a Layby with us, is pay an Application Processing fee of $20, upfront. This fee pays for our time in processing and setting up your account. This amount does not go toward the credit you are paying off and it is non-refundable. Once that is paid for, and we have all of your details, a Layby should be created for you!

Have as much as you like on your Layby as it is store credit for you!

Once you have paid it off, then you will be invited to spend the paid off credit with our Studio.

A Layby that is not yet paid off, cannot be redeemed.

Layby Application Form