Free Semicolon Tattoos

All around the world many sufferers of mental illness are turning to getting a tattoo that is fast becoming the universal language for mental health and suicide awareness.

Whilst a full stop ( ‘ . ‘ ) is used in literature to end the author’s sentence, a semicolon (which is this ‘ ; ‘ symbol) is used in literature to pause the author’s sentence.

People who wear the semicolon as a tattoo are seeing themselves as the author and their life as the literature. They are making the statement that they have chosen to pause their life, rather than end it.

This is a powerful symbol in today’s society and supporters of people who suffer also tend to get the tattoo in order to show their understanding and compassion.

Our tattoo artist, Jessica, provides the semicolon (standard symb

ol only) free of charge to 20 members of the public each year.

Terms for the free tattoo are:

  • No larger than 1 inch in height.
  • Standard design only.
  • Only one colour or only black


Other services for Mental Health Awareness

$50 Semicolon Tattoos

For candidates who have not secured a free slot for a standard semicolon tattoo, Jessica is offering these for $50 each for the rest of 2018.

Custom Semicolon Tattoos

Custom semicolons are available with Jessica where you can be more creative, at $70 per hour.

Self Harm Scarring

Jessica also offers tattoo coverups over self harm scars for $70 per hour, as a show of support to the mental health community.

To book in Jess for other services, please use our bookings tab.