Candidates who book a standard semicolon tattoo must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Candidates must pay a $50 deposit to the studio in order to secure and confirm a booking (meaning you will be all paid up for a $50 tattoo).
  • Refunds on deposits are ONLY available when a candidate provides 48 notice of a booking change or booking cancellation. If under 48 notice, the candidate will forfeit the deposit and cannot be refunded.
  • Candidates who fail to turn up to their booked session without 48 hours notice are not eligible for a refund and cannot use their original deposit for a new booking.
  • Rogue Ink is not responsible for reminding candidates of their upcoming appointments. Candidates are expected to keep up with their own calendars.
  • The sessions include preparation and breaks that are taken by the candidate.
  • This tattoo is no bigger than 1 inch in height.
  • This tattoo is for the standard symbol only. Creative alternatives are referred to as custom semicolons and are $70 per hour.