Candidates who book tattooing by the hour must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Candidates must pay a $50 deposit to the studio in order to secure and confirm a booking.
  • Refunds on deposits are ONLY available when a candidate provides 48 notice of a booking change or booking cancellation. If under 48 notice, the candidate will forfeit the deposit and cannot be refunded.
  • Candidates who fail to turn up to their booked session without 48 hours notice are not eligible for a refund and cannot use their original deposit for a new booking.
  • Rogue Ink is not responsible for reminding candidates of their upcoming appointments. Candidates are expected to keep up with their own calendars.
  • The sessions include design, preparation and breaks that are taken by the candidate. The total fees will be calculated from the appointment time onwards.
  • Candidates who would like their artist to design their piece prior to the booked session may be expected to pay a design fee. You can read more about design fees here: Custom
  • Design Services. This is not always applicable.
  • Candidates who attend any tattoo session should be properly rested, properly fed, have all important medication with them, and should restrain from blood thinning substances such as alcohol for 24 hours prior. Alcohol will increase bleeding at the tattoo site, stop ink from staying in your skin, and make it too difficult for artists to work with. This can result in a cancellation of the appointment, with the candidate still being charged.