All reviews here are real reviews from real customers of our studio. They have not been edited. To read more, please click on the buttons provided.

Facebook Reviews:

"Jessica done my rose and rosary on my ankle and foot. Could not be happier she was so considerate and always making sure i was okay and happy. Will definitely be back for more!! Thanks Jessica" - Ashleigh Meli, 10 June 2018

"Had the pleasure of being tattooed by Simon who did a fantastic job on my arm. Great place with great artists and staff. I highly recommend rogue ink to anyone looking for a good tattoo. Can’t wait to go back and get more done thanks Simon." - Ben Cooper, 27 May 2018

"Received a skull on the back of my hand today by Rhys, great job all the way, very comfortable and trusted him with his work..Would recommend Rhys for future visits. Thanks Rogue Ink" - Aaron Trout, 13 April 2018

Google Reviews:

"Jess did an amazing job with a cover up on my arm. Throughout the whole process she was super helpful, took on my ideas, but also made sure that the tattoo was actually going to cover my old one. I’m extremely happy with the finished product, and will be returning!! 10/10 would recommend" - Naomi Cash

"I was changed my mind of design that Jess brew for me, so every design have to restarted, but she was been patient and tried to understand what the design I really want, after a couple months I finished my arm sleeve tattoo and I satisfild, she been soo nice and friendly. Definitely I will recommend this tattoo shop." - Nico Liao

"10/10 would recommend to a friend! Jessica has done one of my tattoos and touched up another! Fabulous staff really kind and nice and easy to pick your design!" - Maxii Moss